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Capsicum annuum

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Bell Peppers are handsome plants that contribute variety and interest to the vegetable garden. Sow them indoors 8-10 weeks before the average last frost date, and plant-out 18-24 inches apart. They make attractive, temporary hedges and are excellent in containers.

Big, blocky, Orange King bell peppers VG00339

ORANGE KINGBell Pepper Seeds(OP) 90 days

Deep tangerine orange when ripe, Orange King’s 3½ to 4 inch lobed peppers have a rich, sweet flavor and thick, crunchy texture that are equally suited to eat raw, stuffed, sautéed, or grilled. Plants grow 24 to 36 inches tall.

30 seeds - $1.99
Red Knight bell peppers are a showy crimson color. VG09073

RED KNIGHTBell Pepper Seeds66 days

4.5 inch, deep red fruits are early, with a delicious sweet, fruity flavor. The 2 foot tall plants are disease resistant and widely adapted.

15 seeds - $2.99
 Red Bull bell peppers produce large, blocky fruits. VG12999

RED BULLBell Pepper Seeds62 days

Strong, disease resistant plants with especially leafy canopies produce good cover for their high yields of large, four-lobed crunchy bells with thick walls. Can be harvested when green, or wait until they're red for a sweeter flavor.

15 seeds - $2.99
Chablis bell pepper seeds in a combination of white, orange, and red shades. VG11103

CHABLISBell Pepper Seeds60 days

Early maturing, flavorful, 4 inch sweet bells with strong, thick walls ripen to beautiful shades of white, orange, and red. The 18-24 inch tall plants show outstanding disease resistance.

15 seeds - $2.99
The three inch fruits of Cajun Belle bell pepper s VG01142

CAJUN BELLEBell Pepper Seeds60 days

Delightfully sweet, with a touch of spicy heat, 'Cajun Belle' is a consistent taste test winner. Vigorous, disease resistant, 2 foot tall plants loaded with fruit; green, scarlet and deep red, 3 inch bells (at different stages of ripening) provide showy color to rival your favorite flowers. A proven performer for patio pots or garden. A 2010 All America Selections Winner.

10 seeds - $2.99
Two arge, blocky, Big Red bell peppers . VG01110

BIG REDBell Pepper Seeds(OP) 75 days

3-4 lobed, large, blocky bells, ripen from green to red. Very sweet, with thick flesh. Perfect for salads or stuffing.

100 seeds - $1.99
A dwarf Redskin Patio bell pepper plant loaded with large red bells. VG09091

REDSKIN PATIOBell Pepper Seeds80 days to red

Very early fruiting, heavy bearing, compact, dwarf, 12-16 inch tall plants produce large, 4-5 inch bells that ripen from green to red. A great performer in patio containers or the vegetable garden.

10 seeds - $2.49
Gigantic Big Bertha bell peppers in green and red shades. VG00133

BIG BERTHABell Pepper Seeds72 days

Giant, four lobed, deep green fruits measure up to 8-inches long, and 4-inches wide. A widely adapted, proven performer that is great for salads, freezing or stuffing. Highly recommended.

15 seeds - $2.99
Blocky, thick walled Yolo Wonder bell peppersVG00138

YOLO WONDERBell Pepper Seeds(OP) 75 days

Blocky, 4 inch bells with thick, juicy flesh. They mature to a beautiful, bright red. Dense foliage protects the fruit against sun scald. Vigorous growth to 2 feet tall.

100 seeds - $ 1.99
Blocky, red Mexibelle bell pepper. VG01963

MEXIBELLEBell Pepper Seeds75 to 85 days

If you would like to add just a touch of heat to your bell pepper, try Mexibelle! An AAS Winner, this F1 hybrid produces large, 5 inch by 4 inch blocky bells that ripen from green to red. Well adapted to grow in a wide range of climates, very disease resistant.

20 seeds - $2.99
Deep red, heirloom California Wonder peppers. VG00345

CALIFORNIA WONDER Bell Pepper Seeds (OP) 75 days

Organically grown. A 1928 introduction, California Wonder has the largest fruit of any open-pollinated bell pepper, maturing to 5 inches long and nearly as wide. Thick-walled and juicy, with a large cavity perfect for stuffing. Harvest when green, or wait until ripened to crimson red for a sweeter flavor. Sturdy, disease-resistant plants grow 28 to 30 inches tall, thriving in a wide range of climates.

¼ gram - $1.99
31 Yankee peppers. VG00150

YANKEE Bell Pepper Seeds(OP) 80 days

Organically grown. Sturdy, 2 foot plants produce 6 to 10 medium-sized, lobed peppers per plant. These bells can be harvested when green, or leave them on the plant until red. Compared with other open pollinated varieties, Yankee has superior quality, and more uniform shape and size.

15 seeds - $2.99
Green and red Fat 'N' Sassy bell peppers. Also called King Arthur. VG09067

FAT 'N SASSY Bell Pepper Seeds65 days

Tasty, heavy, thick-walled, 4.5 inch bell peppers ripen from green to red. A particularly valuable bell pepper in short season areas, it is heavy yielding and disease resistant.

15 seeds - $4.99
Lynn's Hybrid Mix bell peppers in shades of lilac, yellow, green, red, orange, and brown. VG05400

LYNN'S HYBRID MIXBell Pepper Seeds65-70 days

A formula mix of large, tasty and colorful bell peppers in shades of red, yellow, lilac, green, orange and brown on disease resistant, easy to grow plants.

15 seeds - $3.99
richly colored Chocolate Beauty Hybrid bell pepper. VG07222


Gourmet quality, sweet and delicious bells, mature from green to a rich, chocolate color.

15 seeds - $4.99
Bright red Cute Stuff Mini Red bell pepperVG12980

CUTE STUFF MINI REDBell Pepper Seeds62 days

These apple shaped 3 inch mini-bells are super crunchy and incredibly sweet at both the green and red stages. It is perfect for fresh eating or salads. Amazingly productive, Cute Stuff Mini Red yields up to 3 times more fruits than other bell peppers. An ideal choice for smaller vegetable gardens or in containers.

10 seeds - $3.49
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How to Plant BELL PEPPER Seeds

Start indoors in cell packs or flats, 8 weeks before the last anticipated frost. At 70-90°F., germination is in 8-25 days. When the soil has warmed to at least 60° F., transplant into the garden 18-24 inches apart.