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These small-fruited tomatoes are the easiest of all the tomatoes to grow. They set fruit under greater climate extremes than do large-fruited varieties, and are incredibly productive and disease resistant. Perfect snacks to enjoy while watering, weeding or walking in the garden.

New For 2014

APRICOT DREAM Cherry Tomato Seeds

75 days

Bright apricot-orange fruit is candy sweet (extremely high in natural sugars) and delicious. Grape size cherries held in huge clusters of 20-30 on healthy, productive indeterminate vines. Promoted as a patio tomato in Holland, in the States 'Apricot Dream' will grow much larger, best results found planting in ground.

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New For 2014

RED PROFUSION Cherry Tomato Seeds

55 days

Entire plant heavily covered in tasty 1 inch scarlet fruits. Grows 8-12 inches tall and 2-2.5 feet wide. Habit is especially attractive, plants are mounding, branching and neat.

15 Seeds: $2.99 QTY:

TOPSY TOM Cherry Tomato Seeds

50 days

Compact, well-branched 18 inch vines are great planted in containers, upside down tomato planters, or inside small cages in the garden. The highly flavored, bite size, crack resistant fruit ripens very early in trusses of 5-9. Semi-determinate vines produce over a long season.

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CHERRY FALLS Cherry Tomato Seeds

65 days

Large, bright red, sweet, juicy, 1.5 inch cherry tomatoes. Vigorous, productive, gently cascading vines grow 8-12 inches tall, spread to 3 feet across. Average 300 fruits per plant, does not need staking or pinching. Great for large patio containers, hanging baskets, or in ground planting. Unlike most determinate tomatoes, 'Cherry Falls' produces delicious fruit all summer.

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Mega Bite patio tomato seeds - Garden Seeds - Vegetable Seeds VG01270

MEGA BITE Tomato Seeds

70 days

We know! Not a cherry tomato, 'Mega Bite' is a game changer, in a category all its own. Each 24 inch tall plant can produce up to 60, 3-4 inch, 4-6 ounce fruits! Flesh is meaty and delicious. Grown in 12 inch containers or in the ground, 'Mega Bite' will amaze with the size, productivity, and quality it delivers on compact, determinate vines.

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BALCONI RED Cherry Tomato Seeds

70 days

Beautiful ornamental edible, forms compact, bushy, determinate, 12 inch tall plants. 'Balconi Red' averages over 100 fruits per plant, carried in large, showy trusses. Flavor an excellent balance of sweetness and acidity. 'Balconi' cherry tomatoes are frequently sold as trailing plants, which they are not. Growth is upright. Weight of fruit clusters give plants a more spreading appearance. 'Balconi Red' has excelled in taste tests, and is a superb plant for providing a wealth of delicious fruits, fresh from the garden or moderate sized containers.

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BALCONI YELLOW Cherry Tomato Seeds

70 days

Bright yellow fruits on handsome, 12 inch tall plants. The flavor of Balconi Yellow is sweet and mild, with less acidity than Balconi Red. These heavy-bearing plants are an excellent choice for planting into the garden, or in 6-12 inch containers. Determinate.

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SWEET OLIVE Cherry Tomato Seeds

60 days

Delicious, sweet-tart, oval, firm, bright red fruits on medium to tall determinate plants. Does not require pruning, and can be grown without support - however Sweet Olive performs best when staked.

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LITTLE SUN YELLOW Cherry Tomato Seeds

65 days

Essentially a yellow version of our popular Totem cherry tomato, Little Sun Yellow is even earlier and more productive. The vigorous plants grow 12-18 inches tall, producing more 2 ounce golden-yellow fruit than foliage. Superb in containers or for edging, the determinate vines never need staking. A frequent taste-test champion.

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MICRO TOM Cherry Tomato Seeds

85 days

Hailed as the "world's smallest growing tomato variety," Micro Tom grows 5-8 inches tall and is loaded with tasty fruit, up to 1 inch in diameter. Productive in pots as small as 4-6 inches, it is the perfect tomato to grow under lights, on a very sunny windowsill, in hanging baskets, or on patios and decks. Introduced by the University of Florida.

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ILDI (aka Yellow Grape) Cherry Tomato Seeds

(OP) 65 days

Huge trusses (up to 80 fruits per truss) of yellow, oval, grape-size cherries. Flavor is sweet, acidic and delicious, with true tomato "tang." Vines are vigorous, 4-6 feet tall, high-yielding, many hundreds of tomatoes per plant. Mature fruit holds extremely well, entire trusses are picked, kept indoors for weeks without spoiling. Often sold as 'Yellow Grape.'

25 Seeds: $1.99 QTY:


Compact plants frequently recommended as gently cascading vines in hanging baskets. 'Rambling Red Stripe' is super vigorous, it is better grown inside cages in very large containers or in the vegetable garden. Each highly disease resistant determinate plant produces up to 400 red-streaked, cherry-size fruits, with outstanding old-fashioned flavor.

15 Seeds: $2.99 QTY:


Compact plants often recommended as cascading vines for hanging baskets. Growth is so vigorous, plants so heavy bearing, growing as a bush inside cages is recommended. Determinate vines highly disease resistant and productive, produce hundreds of gold and orange streaked, grape-shaped fruits with good balance of acidity and sweetness.

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GARDENER'S DELIGHT Cherry Tomato Seeds

(OP) 65 days

Vigorous, indeterminate 6 foot vines produce bite-sized, very sweet red tomatoes in clusters of 6-12 fruits all summer long.

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PEAR DROPS Patio Tomato Seeds

60 days

Beautiful golden-yellow pear tomatoes ripen from handsome two-tone green fruits. They are high in acidity, providing that true tomato "tang" we are always looking for. Plants are vigorous, cascading, heavy bearing, and disease resistant. Best grown in ground.

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100 Seeds: $7.99 QTY:

SUGARY Cherry Tomato Seeds

60 days

An All America Selections Winner, Sugary produces vigorous, extemely large, high yielding vines. They carry super sweet, 1/2 inch dark pink fruits, pointed at each end. Flavor is exceptional, as Sugary is almost certainly, the sweetest cherry tomato in the world. Indeterminate.

20 Seeds: $2.49 QTY:

SWEET 'N' NEAT SCARLET Patio Tomato Seeds

60 days

Dwarf, compact, branching 12-18 inch plants produce masses of tasty, round, 1 inch bright red fruits. An outstanding selection for containers 5 or more inches in diameter. Determinate.

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100 Seeds: $7.99 QTY:

SWEET 'N' NEAT YELLOW Patio Tomato Seeds

60 days

Dwarf, compact, branching 12-18 inch plants produce masses of tasty, round, 1 inch golden-yellow fruits. An outstanding selection for containers 5 or more inches in diameter. Determinate.

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100 Seeds: $7.99 QTY:


Bred for use in small containers and hanging baskets (4 inches and larger) these compact, trailing, tidy plants produce great tasting cherry-sized golden fruits on 10-12 inch plants.

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100 Seeds: $7.99 QTY:
Tumbling Tom Red patio tomato seeds - Garden Seeds - Vegetable Seeds Tumbling Tom Red patio tomato seeds 2 - Garden Seeds - Vegetable Seeds VG09804

TUMBLING TOM RED Patio Tomato Seeds

75 days

Quickly produces sweet and delicious 1-2 inch red round fruits on vigorous, weeping 2 foot plants. These cascading beauties are perfect for hanging baskets, window boxes or patio containers. 3 plants per 10 inch container will put on a delightful show and provide loads of tasty summer fruit. The Tumbling Toms are among our favorite ornamental edibles.

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Tumbling Tom Yellow patio tomato seeds - Garden Seeds - Vegetable Seeds Tumbling Tom Yellow patio tomato seeds 2 - Garden Seeds - Vegetable Seeds VG09805


65 days

All the virtues of Tumbling Tom Red but in a golden-yellow package. These highly ornamental plants cascade about 2 feet over the side of containers, producing white flowers followed by delectable 1-2 inch summer fruits. Use 3 plants per 10 inch container for maximum visual impact and harvest.

20 Seeds: $2.49 QTY:

SUNSUGAR Cherry Tomato Seeds

62 days

Vigorous vines produce long clusters of crack resistant golden yellow fruits. They are juicy and sweet with that true tomato tang we love so much. Indeterminate.

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JULIET Tomato Seeds

60 days

Deep red, shiny 2 inch oblong, mini-roma type tomatoes in large clusters of 12-18 fruits. Their flavor is rich and delicious. We love them in salads but they are also excellent for pasta sauces and salsas. Very disease resistant and easy to grow. Indeterminate vines. An All-America Selections Winner. Highly recommended.

20 Seeds: $2.99 QTY:
Large Red Cherry cherry tomato seeds - Garden Seeds - Vegetable Seeds VG05500

LARGE RED CHERRY Cherry Tomato Seeds

(OP) 75 days

Vigorous, healthy, heavy-bearing vines produce clusters of deep scarlet, 1-1.25 inch scrumptious fruits all season long. Indeterminate.

500 Seeds: $2.99 QTY:

BLACK CHERRY Cherry Tomato Seeds

(OP) 68 days

An outstanding rich-flavored round mahogany colored cherry tomato produced with great freedom on vigorous, tall indeterminate vines.

30 Seeds: $1.99 QTY:

SUPER SWEET 100 Cherry Tomato Seeds

65 days

An improved Sweet 100 with better sugar/acid balance, increased disease resistance and less susceptibility to cracking. Long clusters can carry up to 100 fruits each and are very high in Vitamin C. Vigorous, high yielding indeterminate vines.

25 Seeds: $2.25 QTY:

TOTEM TOMATO Cherry Tomato Seeds

70 days

An excellent choice for containers or edging, Totem grows only 12-18 inches tall, producing an abundance of great tasting small red fruits. The determinate vines never need staking, and actually produce more fruit than foliage.

20 Seeds: $2.49 QTY:

YELLOW PEAR Cherry Tomato Seeds

(OP) 70 days

This attractive lemon yellow 1 ounce heirloom has been grown since the 17th century and is still admired today. Flavor is mild and pleasing and they are perfect for green and pasta salads. The tall, indeterminate vines produce hundreds of fruits.

100 Seeds: $1.99 QTY:
Sun Gold cherry tomato seeds - Garden Seeds - Vegetable Seeds VG00211

SUN GOLD Cherry Tomato Seeds

57 days

Rich, fruity, juicy, delicious, intense golden-orange 1-inch fruits are carried on vigorous, healthy, very heavy bearing indeterminate vines. Widely adapted, easy to grow and very highly recommended.

20 Seeds: $3.49 QTY:
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How to Plant CHERRY TOMATO Seeds

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