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Cucumis sativus, C. melo

Start plants indoors about one month before the last spring frost in your area, or outdoors after all danger of frost and the soil has warmed. Plant in rows, hills or on trellises. Good performers in large containers. Harvest frequently to keep the plants producing.

Tendergreen Burpless cucumber seeds - Garden Seeds - Organic Vegetable Seeds VG00344


(OP) 55 to 65 days

No need to peel these wonderfully tender-skinned burpless cucumbers with a refreshing crunch, mild fresh taste and no bitterness. Fruits are blocky oval shaped and a shiny deep green on vigorous, large-leafed vines. Remain crisp and delicious when picked up to 8 inches long.

40 Seeds: $1.99 QTY:
Straight Eight cucumber seeds - Garden Seeds - Organic Vegetable Seeds VG00347


(OP) 63 days

An All-America Selections gold medal winner from 1935, and still a top variety today! Straight Eight never disappoints, consistently producing heavy yields of straight- as-an-arrow 8 inch tasty cukes with a uniform deep green color and very few seeds.

40 Seeds: $1.99 QTY:
Sweet Slice cucumber seeds - Garden Seeds - Vegetable Seeds VG00079

SWEET SLICECucumber Seeds

62 days

The dark green, extra crisp 10-12 inch bitter-free fruits are amazingly sweet and mild. They never require peeling. Burpless, disease resistant and easy to grow. Highly recommended.

Sweet Succes cucumber seeds - Garden Seeds - Vegetable Seeds VG00074

SWEET SUCCESS Cucumber Seeds

58 days

The Cadillac of cucumbers, it is the sweetest, tastiest cuke we know. Vigorous, disease resistant plants set fruit without pollination, fruits will produce a few small seeds if another variety is planted nearby. Cucumbers average 12-14 inches long.

10 Seeds: $4.25 QTY:
Marketer cucumber seeds - Garden Seeds - Vegetable Seeds. VG00341

MARKETERCucumber Seeds

(OP) 55 days

An All-America Selections winner from 1943 for its diversity and superior performance for market farmers. If you want to plant just one variety, 'Marketer' is a fine choice. Pick the slender, white-spined fruit when under 6 inches for pickles, and up to 9 inches for fresh eating. Vigorous, heat and disease resistant vines produce sweet, tender cucumbers all summer long.

40 Seeds: $1.99 QTY:
Boston Pickling Improved cucumber seeds - Garden Seeds - Vegetable Seeds. VG00340


(OP) 57 days

Also referred to as 'Green Prolific,' this superb heirloom pickling variety was first offered in the 1880s, then later improved to add better disease resistance. 'Boston Pickling Improved' cukes are still among the best to grow for making pickles due to their unrivaled crispness, uniform shape and smooth, bright green skin. Expect huge yields; pick when fruit is 2 to 6 inches long.

Diva cucumber seeds - Garden Seeds - Vegetable Seeds VG07208

DIVA Cucumber Seeds

58 days

This 2002 All-America Selections Winner is a heavy producer of some of the finest burpless cucumbers to be found. Skin is thin and tender, flavor is sweet, disease resistance is outstanding. Fruits grow 6-8 inches long, for very finest flavor pick at about 4 inches. 'Diva' produces all female flowers, does not require pollination to set fruit.

20 Seeds: $2.99 QTY:
Patio Snacker cucumber seeds - Garden Seeds - Vegetable Seeds VG00080


60 days

Large quantities of delicious, crunchy, 7 inch fruits on these compact, multi-branched vines. Perfect for growing in containers on the patio or other garden areas that are short on space. You can start harvesting in 60 days from seed, and if you keep them picked, they will produce all throughout the warm season.

15 Seeds: $3.49 QTY:
Homemade Pickles cucumber seeds - Garden Seeds - Vegetable Seeds VG00075


(OP) 60 days

Vigorous, disease resistant plants produce pickle-shaped fruits with solid, crisp interiors. Pick small for sweet pickles, or at 5-6 inches for dills.

30 Seeds: $1.99 QTY:
Minature White cucumber seeds - Garden Seeds - Vegetable Seeds VG07210


(OP) 50 days

The short vines produce sweet and crunchy, white mini cucumbers that never need peeling. Pick small (under 3 inches) for the very best flavor. They are excellent for salads or for pickling.

30 Seeds: $1.99 QTY:
Armenian cucumber seeds - Garden Seeds - Vegetable Seeds VG10073

ARMENIAN Cucumber Seeds

Cucumis melo, (OP) 64 days

A.K.A. the "Yard Long Cucumber." Long, pale, ribbed fruits are crisp, juicy, sweet, and never need peeling. They are at their very best picked at about 1 foot long. Train on trellis to keep fruit straighter, harvesting easier.

30 Seeds: $2.25 QTY:
Lemon cucumber seeds - Garden Seeds - Vegetable Seeds VG00077

LEMONCucumber Seeds

(OP) 60 days

Light green to yellow, rounded American heirloom heavily produces crisp, sweet, easily digested fruits. Lemon Cucumbers are outstanding in salads, or as pickles; chances are (just like us), you will eat most of these delectable nuggets out-of-hand like an apple. Best picked at 2-inches in diameter, when they are light green, showing a light yellow blush.

Dasher 2 cucumber seeds - Garden Seeds - Vegetable Seeds VG09014

DASHER 2 Cucumber Seeds

58 days

A widely adapted, proven performer, freely producing uniform, straight 8 inch slicers on disease resistant vines. Dasher 2 cucumbers are juicy and crunchy, with mild, delicious flavor.

30 Seeds: $1.99 QTY:
H-19 Little Leaf cucumber seeds - Garden Seeds - Organic Vegetable Seeds VG09635

H-19 LITTLE LEAF Cucumber Seeds

(OP) 57 days

Unusually small leaves make the cucumbers easy to find at harvest time. Compact, highly disease-resistant, multi-branching vines produce a huge bounty of emerald green, medium-sized, blocky cucumbers that are equally useful for pickles or eating fresh. Plants set fruit without pollination, so they can be grown under row covers or in greenhouses with great success.

25 Seeds: $1.99 QTY:
Tasty Jade cucumber seeds - Garden Seeds - Vegetable Seeds VG00076

TASTY JADECucumber Seeds

54 days

This 12 inch long, thin skinned cuke is completely bitter-free, with wonderful, crispy, fresh flavor. Plants are vigorous, high-yielding and disease resistant. Will produce fruit without pollination; it can be grown in a greenhouse or outdoors.

15 Seeds: $2.99 QTY:
Tanja cucumber seeds - Garden Seeds - Vegetable Seeds VG09025

TANJACucumber Seeds

(OP) 58 days

Tasty, tender, succulent, bitter-free, dark skinned cukes grow to 13 or more inches long. They are among the most delicious of all cucumbers. Vigorous plants are remarkably high yielding.

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How to Plant CUCUMBER Seeds

Sow indoors in cell packs or 2 inch pots 2-4 weeks before the last spring frost. Use 3 seeds per pot and do not thin. Transplant into the garden 2 feet apart in rows 5-6 feet apart. Can direct sow 5 seeds per foot, 1/2 to 1 inch deep in rows 5-6 feet apart. Thin to 1 foot apart.

Cucumber slices.