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Greens thrive in cool weather, mature quickly, and are wonderful, zippy additions to green salads. The Asian greens are also good lightly cooked. All are easy to grow.

Maraichere Tre Fine Frisee Organic Endive VG00100

MARAICHERE TRES FINE FRISEE Endive Seeds Cichorium endivia, (OP)

Organically grown. This curly endive, also called frisée, produces 6 to 8 inch heads of crunchy, lacy leaves that are deep green on the outer edges and creamy white centers. The finely cut leaves add texture and a refreshingly bitter zip to salad mixes. Sow early spring or late summer to avoid harvesting in the heat of summer.

¼ Gram - $1.99
Dragon Tongue Organic Mustard VG00090

DRAGON TONGUE Mustard Seeds Brassica juncea, (OP), 45 Days

Organically grown. A striking new red mustard with brilliant lime green and magenta purple leaves and succulent white midribs perfect for stir fries. Young leaves have just the right amount of zip for salads. Harvest individual leaves, or entire heads.

½ Gram - $1.99
Red Giant Mustard organic greens VG00096

RED GIANT Mustard Seeds Brassica juncea, (OP), 40 Days

Organically grown. Juicy, deep maroon, crinkled leaves of superb flavor. They deliver just the right amount of bite. Harvest individual leaves as needed, or pick entire heads. Plants will hold for many weeks in the garden. Thrives in cool weather, light frost improves taste and color. Can be grown as an ornamental edible in flower beds, or patio containers.

500 seeds - $1.99
Spicy Mix greens VG00089

SPICY MIX Greens Seeds (OP), 21 days

A lively mix of brassicas perfect for salads. Contains Red mustard, Green mustard, Kale, Tatsoi, and Hon Tsai Tai. Packet is 2 grams, about 1,000 seeds.

2 Grams - $1.99
Mild and Spicy Mix organic greens VG11194

MILD AND SPICY MIX Greens Seeds (OP), 22 days

Organically grown. Delicious, colorful, cut-and-come-again mix. with both mild and spicy greens; when tender young growth reaches 6 inches high, cut it back to 1 inch. Use cuttings for salads or stir fries, in about 3 weeks plants are ready to harvest again. Each planting can be harvested 2 or 3 times. Stagger your plantings to ensure a constant supply of tasty, tender, showy, greens. Alternatively, plants may be allowed to grow to full size. 'Mild and Spicy Mix' includes Tatsoi, Early Mizuna, Red Giant mustard, Red Russian kale, and arugula. Packet is 2 grams, about 1,000 seeds.

1,000 seeds - $1.99
Astro Arugula organic greens VG00094

ASTRO Arugula Seeds Eruca vesicaria subsp. sativa, (OP), 38 days

Organically grown. Vigorous, high yielding, slow bolting plants can be harvested at the baby or whole leaf stages. 'Astro' has less deeply lobed leaves and a slightly milder nutty, peppery taste than regular arugula. Frost hardy, easy to grow plants. Packet is 2 grams, about 1,000 seeds.

2 Grams - $2.49

How to Plant Greens Seeds

Sow seed in cell packs or flats, covering with ⅛-¼ inch soil. Thin to 1 plant per cell with scissors. Transplant into the garden 8 inches apart. Can direct sow ¼ inch deep and 1 inch apart in rows 12-18 inches apart. Thin to 6-8 inches apart.