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Cucurbita moschata, C. pepo, C. maxima

 How to plant Pumpkin seeds 

Autumn Gold pumpkin. VG08049

AUTUMN GOLD Pumpkin 90 days, Cucurbita pepo

The deep glossy orange, perfectly formed 7-10 pound fruits are among the most beautiful of all pumpkins. Widely adapted, 'Autumn Gold' performs well throughout Canada and the U.S.A. An All-America Selections Award Winner.

25 seeds - $2.49
Windsor Hybrid Patio pumpkin VG09213

WINDSOR HYBRID PATIO Pumpkin 85-90 days, Cucurbita pepo

Miniature, deep orange pumpkins reach 4-5 inches across and are arranged on the stems of upright growing 2 foot tall plants. The fruit is great for decorating and makes a wonderful pumpkin pie.

10 seeds - $3.99
Small Sugar pumpkin VG09211

SMALL SUGAR Pumpkin (OP) 90-100 days, Cucurbita pepo

Organically grown. The classic pie pumpkin, Small sugar features 6-8 pound, somewhat ribbed bright orange fruits, with stringless sweet, dry flesh with just the right consistency for top quality cooking. Can be stored for months until ready for use. Organic seed.

30 seeds - $2.49
Futtsu Black pumpkin VG09212

FUTTSU BLACK Pumpkin (OP) 105 days, Cucurbita moschata

Wonderfully warty, knobby, ribbed and squat, this 2 to 3 pound Japanese heirloom pumpkin has deep orange flesh with a sweet, chestnut – like flavor. Starts out dark green, almost black, and ripens to a warm orange-brown with a grayish powdery bloom. Stores well, has a long, strong stem. Each vine produces 3 to 5 pumpkins.

20 seeds - $2.99
Baby Boo pumpkin. VG09214

BABY BOO Pumpkin (OP) 90-95 days, Cucurbita pepo

Baby Boo is just perfect for adding cuteness and creativity to your holiday display. These tiny white pumpkins are about the size of a tennis ball, slightly flat and scalloped, with a shapely curved stem. Their tasty edible flesh is most flavorful when the fruit has matured to a creamy yellow; harvest early to keep them white.

30 seeds - $2.49
Dill's Atlantic Giant pumpkin VG00171

DILL'S ATLANTIC GIANT Pumpkin (OP) 120 days, Cucurbita maxima

Capable of growing to 800 or more pounds, most of the largest pumpkins in the world come from this seed. 50 and 100 pounders are common, and with fertile soil, ample irrigation, wide spacing, and thinning to 1 fruit per plant, many home gardeners have grown 200-300 pounders. From Howard Dill of Nova Scotia.

5 seeds - $2.49
Howden pumpkin New for 2016 VG09207

HOWDEN Pumpkin (OP) 90-100 days, Cucurbita pepo

Organically grown. A great pumpkin with a rich orange color and symmetrical shape. These pumpkins have sturdy, handle-like stems and thick flesh, which makes carving easier. Grows to 20-25 pounds.

10 seeds - $2.99
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How to Plant Pumpkin Seeds

Direct sow after all danger of frost 9 inches apart in rows 6-8 feet apart. Thin to 3-4 feet apart. Can be started peat pots or cell packs 3-4 weeks before the last frost.

Growing pumpkins: Pinch the vine tips once several fruits have formed to control vine size and encourage larger fruit. Fruits are harvested once the vine dies.