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Zea mays

Bodacious sweet corn seeds - Garden Seeds - Vegetable Seeds VG00063

BODACIOUS Sweet Corn Seeds

75 days

This sugar-enhanced variety has an exceptional sweet flavor. Because Bodacious slowly converts sugar to starch, it will maintain its outstanding quality up to 10 days longer than most other corns. Stalks grow to 7 feet and produce 8-inch well-filled ears. Packet is 1 ounce, about 150 seeds.

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Double Standard Bicolor organic corn seeds - Garden Seeds - Organic Vegetable Seeds VG09811


Zea mays, (OP) 73 days

Organically Grown

Originating from an early 1900’s heirloom, this tasty bicolor corn matures early and germinates well in cooler soils, making it a great choice for gardeners with short growing seasons. The first open-pollenated bicolor corn, it produces tasty 7 inch ears with yellow and white kernels on sturdy, 5 foot plants.

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MIRAI Sweet Corn Seeds

Ears stay fresh up to 6 weeks, when refrigerated. Mirai are outstanding corns developed by a Harvard, Illinois farmer, attempting to breed more disease resistant corn (using natural hybridizing methods). He has developed incredibly sweet, tender corns, which are an experience not to be missed. These corns are higher in natural sugars than some fruits. Many compare their sweet flavor to peaches and melons. Because they are so tender and sweet, Mirai can be cooked to perfection in less than 2 minutes, and are delicious raw on the cob. Keeping quality of the ears, is far beyond any sweet corns we have experienced. Plants are disease and stress resistant. Plant when the soil has thoroughly warmed. Isolate from other corns, either by location (50 or more feet apart), or by time (2 weeks apart).

Mirai White sweet corn seeds - Garden Seeds - Vegetable Seeds VG01749

Sweet Corn Seeds

Zea mays var. rugosa White Mirai 421, 72 days

Extremely heavy-yielding 7-foot plants. 8 inch ears, with 16 rows, excellent tip fill. Good resistance to common rust and Stewart's Wilt. Mind-blowing flavor.

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Delectable sweet corn seeds - Garden Seeds - Vegetable Seeds VG00064

DELECTABLE Sweet Corn Seeds

80 days

A remarkably sweet, sugar-enhanced hybrid with 8-9 inch ears covered with tender deep yellow, or white kernels. The rugged, easy to grow plants will reach 6-7 feet tall. Will maintain its quality much longer than regular corns.

100 Seeds: $2.99 QTY:

How to Plant SWEET CORN Seeds

Direct sow 5-6 seeds per foot, about 1-2 inches deep in rows (a minimum of 4 rows will ensure pollination) 3 feet apart. Thin to 12 inches apart. Make 3 or 4 additional plantings at two week intervals to extend the season. Do not plant near popcorn. When the kernels ooze a milky juice when pierced, they are ready to harvest. If birds are a problem, sow in cell packs and transplant into the garden 1 foot apart. Planting is done from spring through early summer, beginning after all danger of frost, and when the ground has warmed.

How to plant sweet corn seeds