Pearl Millet

Pennisetum glaucum

How to plant Ornamental Millet seeds

Extremely tolerant of heat, ornamental millet will thrive along your fences, foundations, or driveways. Ornamental millet also looks great in borders or containers. Plants will lend a tropical look to your patio or deck. For maximum impact, combine ornamental millet with yellow, green, pink, or white flowers.

Purple Majesty ornamental millet seeds AN05100

PURPLE MAJESTY Ornamental Millet Seeds

The purple corn-like stalks and leaves are topped with 12 in. long purple plumes dusted in pollen. Growing 4-5 ft. tall, Purple Majesty is a stunning accent plant for your garden or landscape. An All-America Selections Winner.

10 seeds - $4.99

How to Plant and Grow Ornamental Millet

Bee introduces how to plant

Plant Ornamental Millet Seeds: Sow seeds in individual 2-4 in. containers, 2-3 seeds per pot, and cover with ½ in. of soil. Kept at 72-78°F., germination is in 3-10 days. Can direct sow into prepared seed beds, after the soil has warmed, and all danger of frost has passed. Thin to 12 in. apart.

Grow Ornamental Millet: Full sun or part shade. If started indoors young plants will be green, and will begin to color within a few days of being placed in the sun. Plants tolerate high heat, can be planted against fences and walls, along driveways in hot spots that would burn most plants. Seeds are loved by goldfinches.