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Mirabilis jalapa

How to plant Four o'clock seeds

Four O'Clocks are bushy, upright plants to 2 ft. tall which produce fragrant 2 in. trumpet-shaped flowers in a wide range of attractive colors. Bloom begins in midsummer and continues until frost. Flowers open mid afternoon to sunset, and remain open all night to fill the air with spicy perfume.

Plant Four O'Clocks near porches, decks or windows, where the intoxicating vanilla scent of the flowers can be best enjoyed. Winter hardy to zone 8, plants will bloom the first season and are grown as annuals in zones 7 and below. Roots can be dug and overwintered like dahlias.

MARBLES SERIES Four O' Clock Seeds

Many varying patterns of striking two-tone stripes adorn the wonderfully fragrant flowers. Vigorous, bushy 2-3 ft. tall plants flower throughout the warm season.

Four O'clock Marbles Yellow-Red - Mirabilis jalapa PR01264


Soft orange-yellow fragrant flowers are flecked and striped carmine red. The 2-3 ft. tall plants are vigorous and bushy and will flower from midsummer until frost.

25 seeds - $2.49

Four O'clock Marbles White-Yellow - Mirabilis jalapa PR01263


Glowing white fragrant flowers with buttery yellow stripes are especially beautiful in the evening. Plants are vigorous and bushy to 2 to 3 ft. tall and bloom from midsummer to frost.

25 seeds - $2.49

Four O'clock Bicolors Mix - Mirabilis jalapa PR02671

BICOLORS MIX Four O'Clock Seeds

Fragrant red, rose, pink, yellow, and white blooms are splashed or marbled in cerise and pink. Plants grow to 2-3 ft. tall and bloom from the middle of summer to frost.

25 seeds - $ 2.49

Four O'clock Salmon Sunset - Mirabilis jalapa PR01261

SALMON SUNSET Four O'Clock Seeds

Extremely fragrant salmon flowers with pink central stars. Salmon Sunset Four O' Clock grows vigorously to 3 ft. tall.

25 seeds - $2.49

Four O'clock Fairy Trumpets - Mirabilis jalapa New PR18107

FAIRY TRUMPETS Four O'Clock SeedsMirabilis longiflora

A treasure for summer evening gardens, Fairy Trumpets flowers emit a pronounced and enchantingly sweet fragrance which attracts pollinating moths, and gardeners. The dainty, pure white blooms grow to 8 in. or more long, nectar tubes are deep and slender, and stamens and throats are bright magenta. Flowers open at dusk and close mid morning.

The 3 ft. tall and wide plants have an open, graceful arching habit, with elongated heart shaped, blue-green leaves. Native to the southwestern US and Mexico, Fairy Trumpets are highly drought tolerant.

Winter hardy to zone 7; Fairy Trumpets bloom the first year from seed. Treat plants as annuals in cold winter climates, or dig and store the tuberous roots to replant in spring.

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How to Plant and Grow Four O'Clock

Bee introduces how to plant

Plant Four O'Clock Seeds: Soak seed in water 72 hours prior to sowing. Be sure to change water daily. Direct sow into prepared seed beds in groups of 3-4 seeds spaced 18-24 in. apart. Thin to the strongest plant.

Grow Four O'Clock: Full or part sun. Any soil with good drainage. Better bloom with moderate to regular water. Forms black, carrot-like roots. In zones 7 and below tuberous roots can be dug after the first fall frost and stored in a dry, dark location like dahlias. Flowers attract butterflies, spectacular moths, and hummingbirds. Plants resist drought, rabbits and deer. Flowers are fragrant, open in response to temperature. As the day becomes cooler, flowers open and will remain open until the next morning.