Delosperma cooperi, D. floribunda, D. spp.

How to plant Ice Plant seeds

Ice Plant Table Mountain - Delosperma cooperi PR00914

TABLE MOUN­TAIN Hardy Ice Plant Seeds Delosperma cooperi

Bright fuchsia, yellow centered 1.5-2 in. flowers are held above gray-green succulent leaves. Heaviest bloom is in late spring and summer, followed by sporadic bloom in the fall. Flowers attract butterflies. Ground-hugging (to 3 in. tall) and fast spreading (to 18-24 in. wide), it tolerates poor soil, heat and drought. Leaves turn showy shades of purple in Winter.

Table Mountain Hardy Ice Plant is a product of the Denver Botanical Garden's and Colorado State University's successful effort to increase the winter hardiness of Delosperma cooperi. Winter hardy to zone 5.

Table Mountain hardy ice plant grows nicely with Bolero agastache, Magic Carpet thyme, and Selsie sedum.

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Ice Plant Stardust - Delosperma floribunda PR07078

STAR­DUST Hardy Ice Plant Seeds Delosperma floribunda

Vigorous, long-flowering plants that tolerate heat, humidity and drought. Quickly covers hot, dry areas with thick, 6 in. tall, 1 ft. wide mat of succulent foliage. Two in. violet flowers with white centers appear in late spring and continue into autumn. A stunning plant, perfect for massing, or use in sunny patio pots or window boxes. Winter hardy to zone 5. Seed is pelleted for easy and efficient sowing.

50 seeds - $2.49

Hybrid Mix Ice Plant - Delosperma - ground cover Seeds New CPL0001

HYBRID MIX Hardy Ice Plant Delosperma spp.

This mix of multiple hardy ice plant species and cultivars will quickly cover bare ground with a colorful carpet of yellow, pink, white, violet and bicolor flowers from May through August. Plants grow 3 to 8 in. tall and will tolerate hot and dry conditions. An excellent choice for rock gardens and green roofs. Winter hardy to zone 6.

50 seeds - $2.49

How to Plant and Grow Ice Plant

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Plant Ice Plant Seeds: Sow seed in cell packs or flats, using a sterile packaged seed starting mix. Press into soil, do not cover. Kept at 70° F., germination is in 21-28 days. Transplant Stardust Hardy Ice Plant 9 in. apart, Table Mountain Hardy Ice Plant 12-18 in. apart.

Grow Ice Plant: Full Sun, afternoon shade in hottest climates. Hardy ice plant tolerates poor soil, needs good drainage. Drought tolerant once established, accepts moderate water. Fast growing. Table Mountain is salt tolerant, thrives in seaside landscapes and provides excellent erosion control for dry slopes. Stardust hardy ice plant is a smaller-scale plant ideal for filling in hot, dry areas of the garden. Hardy ice plants are heat tolerant, fire resistant, and deer resistant. Flowers attract butterflies.