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Physostegia virginiana

How to plant Obedient Plant seeds

Glistening funnel-shaped 1 in. summer flowers arranged on 10 in. spikes. Called Obedient Plant: flowers when twisted on the stem will remain in position. An excellent cut flower. Obedient plant is winter hardy to zone 2.

Obedient plant Crystal Peak - Physostegia virginiana
Crystal Peak obedient plant Physostegia virginiana Crystal Peak Physostegia Crystal Peak

CRY­STAL PEAK Obedient Plant Seeds

Pure white flowers on long spikes from July to September. The flowers of Crystal Peak are self-cleaning: they do not fade or brown as they age. Plants grow to 16 in. tall. An excellent choice for brightening sunny borders or containers. Crystal Peak obedient plant is a Fleuroselect Gold Medal award winner (Europe's top prize).

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Obedient plant Rose Crown - Physostegia virginiana PR00973

ROSE CROWN Obedient Plant Seeds

Lavender-pink flowers. Plants grow to 2 ft. tall. Rose Crown obedient plant grows nicely with Crimson Spotted bellflower and shasta daisies.

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How to Plant Obedient Plant Seeds

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Sow obedient plant seed in cell packs or flats, press into soil and lightly cover. Kept at 70° F., germination is spread out over 10-42 days. Can direct sow obedient plant seeds in groups of 3-4 seeds, spaced 18-24 in. apart. Thin to the strongest plant.