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OAK LEAF Lettuce Seeds

Lactuca sativa (Open pollinated)

How to plant Oak Leaf Lettuce seeds

Oak leaf lettuce has tender and mild-tasting, deeply-lobed leaves that can be picked individually or allowed to form dense, ruffly heads. Lettuce is a cool weather crop, best planted in the spring as early the ground can be worked.

Lettuce Blushed Icy oak leaf - organic seeds New OKL0001

BLUSHED ICY OAK Oak Leaf Lettuce Seeds (OP) 50 days

Organically grown. Flavorful, apple green leaves are deeply lobed and ruffled, with extra crunchy pink midribs and deep rose-blushed outer edges. Can be harvested leaf by leaf or as well-formed, dense heads. Packet is ¼ gram, about 200 seeds.

¼ Gram - $2.49

How to Plant Oak Leaf Lettuce Seeds

Bee introduces how to plant

Sow Oak Leaf lettuce seed in cell packs or flats, press into soil and cover lightly. Kept at 65°F., germination averages 7-14 days. Can direct sow into prepared seed beds 1 in. apart in rows 12-18 in. apart. Thin to 12 in. apart.

Sow seeds at two week intervals through late spring or early summer depending on the climate. Fall crops can be started in mid-summer in cool areas, or late summer in hot climates.