Raphanus sativus (Open pollinated)

How to plant Radish seeds

Direct sow Radish seeds into the garden in spring or late summer to mature in cool weather. When about 1 in. tall, thin to 2-3 in. apart. Harvest as soon as they reach the size you prefer. Successive sowings will ensure a steady supply.

Rainbow Mix radish seeds RDS0001

RAINBOW MIX Radish Seeds 28 days

Colorful round radishes in red, gold, purple and white, all with crunchy white interiors. A fun variety for children to grow. Packet is 5 grams, about 450 seeds.

5 grams - $2.49

D'Avignon radish seeds VG00177

D'AVIG­NON RADISH Radish Seeds 21 days

Organically grown. A dip friendly 4 in. cylindrical radish, intense red with a white pointed tip. Excellent flavor. From Southern France. Packet is 3 grams, about 260 seeds.

3 grams - $2.49

Cherriette radish seeds VG09112

CHER­RIETTE Radish Seeds 20 days

An extra-early, large Dutch round radish with bright red skin and crisp, sweet white flesh. Very high quality and a superior keeper. An All-America Selections Winner. Packet is 2 grams, about 175 seeds.

2 grams - $2.49

Misato Rose Watermelon radish seeds VG00181

MISATO ROSE WATER­MELON Daikon Radish Seeds 65 days

Organically grown. A huge 4 to 6 in., green to white skinned cool season radish with crisp, brilliant pink inner flesh. Misato Rose has a mild sweet flavor with a hint of spiciness, perfect for adding to salads. Delicious pickled, too. Best sown in the late summer/fall. Packet is ½ gram, about 45 seeds.

½ gram - $2.49

How to Plant Radish Seeds

Bee introduces how to plant

Sow seeds ½ in. deep and ½ in. apart, in rows at least 8 in. apart. Kept at 55-65°F., germination is in 4-11 days. Radish seeds do not germinate well in hot conditions. Thin to 2 to 3 in. apart.