Spinacia oleracea

How to plant Spinach seeds

Spinach is a cool season vegetable. Harvest individual leaves as needed, or if hot weather is approaching, cut the entire plant to the ground. Spinach is delicious raw in salads or cooked.

Spinach Corvair organic VG00151

CORVAIR Spinach 39 days

Organically grown. Leaves are upright, oval, crisp, and smooth, and are equally ideal harvested as baby spinach or as mature leaves. Highly resistant to downy mildew and well adapted to both spring and fall harvests. Harvest individual leaves as needed - or if hot weather is approaching cut entire plant. Packet is 5 grams, about 450 seeds.

5 grams seeds - $2.49

Spinach Space Hybrid VG03732

SPACE HYBRID Spinach 39 days

The spinach-lover's spinach! Flavor is sweet, zesty, and delicious. Plants produce tender, smooth, slightly savoyed, rounded, medium green leaves. Highly heat and cold resistant, in mild climates it is possible to harvest Space Hybrid spinach continuously from early spring, right into the fall. Eat fresh or cooked, it also freezes well. Downy mildew resistant.

300 seeds - $2.49

Spinach Olympia Hybrid VG06550

OLYMPIA HYBRID Spinach 45 days

The early, crisp, fresh tasting, dark green leaves are held upright which makes them quite easy to harvest. Olympia is a high quality, disease resistant spinach suitable for spring, fall and winter crops. Packet is 5 grams, about 385 seeds.

5 grams seeds - $2.49

How to Plant Spinach Seeds

Bee introduces how to plant

Direct sow ½ in. deep and 1 in. apart, in rows 12 in. apart. Kept at 60-70°F., germination is in 7-14 days. Thin to 3-6 in. apart in the row.