Thunbergia alata

How to plant Black-eyed Susan Vine seeds

Black-eyed Susan Vines are trailing or twining annual vines with triangular leaves and masses of showy 1-1.5 in. tubular flowers. Blooms may or may not have contrasting dark eyes.

Train your Black-eyed Susan Vines on trellises or strings, or use them as highly ornamental seasonal ground covers. Enjoy the riotous color close up when you plant in hanging baskets.

Blushing Susie Black-eyed Susan Vine seeds VN15056

BLUSHING SUSIE Black-Eyed Susan Vine Seeds

Blushing Susie Black-Eyed Susan Vine is a trailing or twining, heavy-blooming, 4-5 ft. vine with especially showy, 1.5 in. flowers. Blooms are in unique shades of red, apricot, peach, pink, salmon and ivory, all have dark-burgundy eyes. Individual blooms change color as they age, provide you with a nice range of colors on a single vine.

10 seeds - $4.99

Superstar Orange Black-Eyed Susan Vine seeds VN16002

SUPER­STAR ORANGE Black-Eyed Susan Vine Seeds

Larger flowers and quick, vigorous-growth earns Superstar Orange Black-Eyed Susan Vine its celebrity status. Plants climb or trail to 5 ft. or more, are bejeweled in 2 in., black-centered, orange flowers. Use Superstar Orange to brighten trellises or hanging baskets, or plant in ground for sensational, small-scale, summer ground covers.

10 seeds - $2.99

Amber Eyes Black-eyed Susan Vine seeds New BLC0001

AMBER EYES Black-Eyed Susan Vine Seeds

Creamy yellow flowers with deep black centers. Heavy blooming on fast-growing, 4-5 ft. tall vines.

15 seeds - $2.99

Bright Eyes Black-eyed Susan Vine seeds VN00007

BRIGHT EYES Black-Eyed Susan Vine Seeds

Lively white flowers with highly ornamental black eyes. Vines grow 4-5 ft. tall.

15 seeds - $2.99

Susie Mix Black-eyed Susan Vine seeds VN00005

SUSIE MIX Black-Eyed Susan Vine Seeds

A formula mix of orange, yellow and white flowers, with or without contrasting dark eyes. Strong-growing vines reach 4-5 ft. tall.

15 seeds - $2.99

How to Plant Black-eyed Susan Vine Seeds

Bee introduces how to plant

Soak Black-Eyed Susan Vine seed in water for 12 hours, then sow in 2 in. pots or cell packs, press into soil and completely cover. Kept at 75-80°F., germination is in 14-21 days. Transplant seedlings into the garden 12-18 in. apart, after all danger of frost.