Platycodon grandiflorus

How to plant Balloon Flower seeds

10 balloon flowers.

Balloon Flowers are easy to grow, long-lived perennials. Long-lasting star-shaped flowers emerge from balloon-like buds in summer. Balloon flower plants will occasionally repeat bloom in the fall when old flowers are removed.

ASTRA SERIES Balloon Flower Seeds

Large, interesting balloon-like buds burst open into long-lasting, 3" wide, star-shaped flowers. The dwarf growing, 8-12" tall plants are exceptionally bushy and branching, blooming heavily in summer.

Astra series balloon flowers thrive in part sun or light shade. Plants are quite long-lived in most areas of the U.S., and bloom the first year. Astra balloon flowers are perfect for edging borders, or use in patio containers and window boxes. Winter hardy to zone 4.

Astra Blue balloon flower PR07095

ASTRA BLUE balloon flower

Astra Blue balloon flower plants grow 8-12" tall, produce star-shaped summer flowers.

25 seeds - $3.99
Astra White balloon flower blooms. PR07099

ASTRA WHITE Balloon Flower

Astra White's star-shaped, white flowers appear in summer on neat, compact 8-12" tall plants.
Astra White balloon flower grows beautifully with Blue Star stokesia. Each of these hardy perennials bloom reliably the first season.

25 seeds - $3.99
Astra Pink balloon flower PR07097

ASTRA PINK Balloon Flower

Astra Pink balloon flowers are soft pink in color. The dwarf, 8-12" plants bloom in summer.

25 seeds - $3.99
Astra Semi-Double Blue balloon flower. PR07101


Astra Semi-double Blue balloon flower forms tidy, 8-12" tall plants. You will almost certainly find the bell-shaped, semi-double blue flowers irresistible.

25 seeds - $ 3.99

FUJI SERIES Balloon Flower Seeds

This 2- 3" tall perennial is wonderful planted in part shade or light shade. Plants will produce balloon-like buds which open into 2" blue, pink, or white flowers from June to August. A 14-18" tall tomato-type cage will give plants plenty of support, or place Fuji series balloon flowers in large groups, and allow plants to support each other. Winter hardy to zone 3.

The taller ballon flowers in the Fuji series, and the Hakone series grow nicely with Milkmaid butterfly weed, Sterntaler coreopsis, yellow coneflower, Giant Yellow Herold foxglove, Mystica penstemon, and Blue Cap sea holly.

Fuji Blue balloon flower PR00733

FUJI BLUE Balloon Flower

Fuji Blue ballon flower grows into full, 2-3" tall plants. From June to August, 2" star-shaped flowers open from unusual balloon-like buds.

50 seeds - $1.99
Fuji White balloon flower. PR00737

FUJI WHITE Balloon Flower

The plum buds of Fuji White balloon flower open into pure white summer flowers. Plants grow 2-3´ tall.

50 seeds - $1.99
Fuji Pink balloon flowers. PR00735

FUJI PINK Balloon Flower

Soft-pink flowers on 2- 3´tall plants. Bloom is from June to August, plants will sometimes repeat in early fall when deadheaded.

50 seeds - $1.99


Hakone Double balloon flowers bear double 2-3" wide flowers atop 15-24" tall stems. Plants bloom from June to August. Place Hakone Double balloon flowers in large groups, plants will lean on each other, providing the support needed. Or use 14-18" tall tomato-type cages. Winter hardy to zone 3.

Hakone Double Blue balloon flower. PR00739


Hakone Double Blue balloon flower grows 15-24" tall. Marvelous 2-3" double blue flowers bloom in summer. Winter hardy plants to zone 3.

30 seeds - $2.49
Hakone Double White balloon flower PR00741


Hakone Double White balloon flower bears gorgeous double white, 2-3" wide flowers. The 15-24" tall plants bloom June to August. Winter hardy to zone 3.

30 seeds - $2.49
Mariesii balloon flowers. PR00745

MARIESII Balloon FlowerPlatycodon grandiflorus mariessii

Mariesii is a dwarf balloon flower, growing only 15-18" tall. It is great planted in part shade or light shade with astilbe, campanula and primrose. From June to August, balloon-like buds open into 2" blue, star-shaped flowers. Mariesii balloon flower is winter hardy to zone 3.

100 seeds - $ 1.99

How to Plant Balloon Flower Seeds

Sow balloon flower seeds in 2" pots or cell packs, press into soil but do not cover. Seed needs light to germinate. Kept at 65-70°F., germination is in 21-30 days. Seedlings are fragile, must be handled with care. Transplant them into the garden 1- 1.5´ apart. See Starting Your Seeds for more information.

Growing balloon flower: Plants prefer part sun to light shade and regular water. Perform well in containers. Taller balloon flower varieties provide excellent cut flowers. To preserve vase-life of blooms, sear stem end with match immediately after cutting. Provide support for tall Fuji and Hakone series balloon flowers; plant in large groups, plants provide support for each other. Or use tomato-type cages to keep plants upright. Balloon flower plants do not like to be disturbed, rarely need to be divided. Favorite plants can be propagated from cuttings. May self sow. Ballon flower plants appear late in the spring, mark location to avoid disturbing. When old flowers are removed, balloon flowers will occasionally bloom again in early fall. Easy-to-grow, low maintenance plants are deer resistant.