First-year Flowering Perennials from Seed

Many gardeners are hesitant to try starting perennials by seed because of the notion that you will not get to enjoy the flowers the first year. This is true for some perennials, but if you sow seeds for the perennials on this list early in the season, they will reward you by flowering within the same year. Some perennials even rival annual flowers, taking just a couple of months to flower from seed.

If you want the advantage of not needing to replant your garden beds every season, but still have gorgeous flowers the first year, this plant list is a good place to start when planning your next garden project. A gardening budget can go much farther by not having to purchase these first year flowering perennials in pots at the nursery. Besides, there is something so immensely gratifying about watching your plants emerge from something as tiny as a seed, and then live on to create enduring beauty for many years to come.

Written by Mary.