Bee on Anemone flower

Attracting Bees to Your Garden

Here at Swallowtail Garden Seeds, we’re huge fans of beneficial insects, particularly bees! Have you ever wondered what to plant to benefit honeybees and native bees, and attract them to your garden? You may have heard or read about some of the issues the honeybee population is having on a global scale (such as Colony Collapse Disorder, or CCD). As a home gardener, one of the best things you can do for both honeybees and native bees is to plant things that they love and avoid using pesticides or fertilizers on those plants. Planting native plant species to your geographic region is also a huge plus. You can find lists of native plant species for your area here.

The following is a list of annuals, perennials, and herbs that are beloved by bees. You can dedicate a small part of your yard to bee friendly options, or go all out! Consider creating a little nectar and pollen haven for the bees in your neighborhood. For optimal results, why not try a combination of herbs, annuals, and perennial plants?

Bee Friendly Plants

Bee Friendly Perennials

Bee Friendly Annuals

Bee Friendly Herbs

Written by Emily.