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Blanket Flower

Gaillardia aristata syn. G. grandiflora

 How to plant Gaillardia seeds 

Gaillardia is an easy to grow, first year flowering perennial that brings an exceptionally long season of color into your sunny garden.

ARIZONA SERIES Gaillardia Seeds

Flowering up to 1 month earlier than other Gaillardias, the 'Arizona' series of Gaillardia plants begins flowering in late spring and continues until frost. The dwarf, 12 inch tall plants provide an abundance of 3-4 inch flowers their first year.

Gaillardia Arizona Apricot plant blooming. PR01180


An All-America Selections Winner. Flowers are golden-yellow at the edge, apricot in the center. More subtle than its flashier kin, Arizona Apricot is quite beautiful, and easy to blend with other perennials. Winter hardy to zone 2.

25 seeds - $2.99
Gaillardia Arizona Sun PR08218

ARIZONA SUN Gaillardia

Hot mahogany-red flowers edged bright yellow. An All-America Selections Winner. Winter hardy to zone 3.

25 seeds - $2.99
Arizona Red Shades gaillardia PR11890


Rosy-red flowers tipped in yellow. An All-America Selections Winner. Winter hardy to zone 3.

25 seeds - $2.99
Gaillardia Single Mix. PR01498

SINGLE MIX Gaillardia

This is a dazzling mix of some of the best gaillardia colors available. The plants grow 2-3 feet tall and flower continuously throughout the summer and fall. Easy to grow from seed and quick to flower. Winter hardy to zone 2.

200 seeds - $1.99

MESA SERIES Gaillardia Seeds

Gaillardia aristata Mesa Yellow flower. PR10707

MESA YELLOW Gaillardia

The first yellow hybrid gaillardia from seed, Mesa Yellow is especially vigorous, well-branched and early flowering. The 3 inch intense yellow, non-fading flowers appear the first year and cover the neat, uniform 18 inch plants over a long summer and fall season. An All-America Selections Winner. Winter hardy to zone 2.

20 seeds - $3.99
Gaillardia aristata Mesa Bright Bicolor bloom. PR10718


Flowers are gold banded red at the base. Amount of gold in petals varies according to growing conditions, flowers always display more yellow tones than other bicolor gaillardias. Blooms will not fade even in hottest climates. Neat, branching, heavy blooming plants grow to 16-18 inches tall. Flowers the first year. Winter hardy to zone 5.

20 seeds - $3.99
Gaillardia Mesa Peach. PR10717

MESA PEACH Gaillardia

Sturdy, well-branched, 14 to 16 inch tall perennials are covered in brilliant golden yellow flowers, which blend into peachy orange centers. Mesa Peach gaillardia plants begin flowering slightly earlier than other Mesa series gaillardias, and will continue to flower all summer and into the fall. Winter hardy to zone 5.

20 seeds - $ 3.99
Tokajer gaillardia. PR05041

TOKAJER Gaillardia

The huge 4 inch flowers have mango-orange petals with peach tips. Grows to 2 feet tall. Tokajer is an outstanding, rarely offered selection. Winter hardy to zone 2.

100 seeds - $2.49
Gaillardia aristata Burgundy plant covered in flowers. PR00859

BURGUNDY Gaillardia

These tough, easy to grow, heavy flowering, 2-3 foot tall perennials produce large solid burgundy flowers over a long summer and fall season. Winter hardy to zone 2.

50 seeds - $1.99
Amber Wheels gaillardia. PR01199


Extra-large golden flowers with amber-red centers. Robust plants bloom continuously, from late spring, through early autumn. Grows 30-36 inches tall. Winter Hardy to zone 3. Combines beautifully with Violet Hollyhock.

25 seeds - $3.49
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How to Plant Gaillardia Seeds

Sow Gaillaria seed in cell packs or flats, press into soil and barely cover. Light aids germination. Kept at 70° F., germination is in 14-21 days. Can direct sow into prepared seed beds, in groups of 3-4 seeds spaced 12-18 inches apart. Thin to the strongest plant. See Starting Your Seeds for more information.

Growing gaillardia: Plants flower stronger and longer, in full sun with moderate water. Gaillardia plants are tough; they are heat and drought tolerant, and rabbit and deer resistant. Gaillardias are first year flowering perennials, blooming continuously from late spring or early summer until frost. Blooms attract bees and butterflies, make excellent cut flowers. Gaillardia plants self-sow and are among the easiest perennial flowers to grow.