Ipomoea spp.

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13 Morning Glories

The trumpet-shaped flowers of morning glories appear in a wide range of colors including red, white, blue, pink, purple and bicolors. Beautiful, vigorous, twining, heat-loving vines to train on your posts, trellises, fences, or arbors.

Morning Glory seeds cannot ship to AZ, MI, or PR.

Split Second morning glory seeds VN18010

SPLIT SECOND Morning Glory Seeds

Split Second produces a bounty of beautiful big blooms brimming with fascinating notched and twisted, silky soft-pink and white petals. These unique peony-shaped morning glories appear from early summer until frost on easy to grow, 4-7 ft. tall vines. Train Split Second morning glory vines on a fence or trellis, or enjoy close up in hanging baskets.

30 seeds - $2.99

Lazy Luxe Mix morning glory seeds VN18009

LAZY LUXE MIX Morning Glory Seeds

Lazy Luxe Mix is marvelous 10 color mix of morning glories in shades of violet, pure white, deep purple, hot pink, and rosy red. Vigorous vines quickly climb to 8 ft. or more tall, and bloom summer to frost.

40 seeds - $2.99

Morning glory Heavenly Blue VN00051

HEAVEN­LY BLUE Morning Glory Seeds

The most loved of all morning glories, Heavenly Blue features sky-blue flowers with white throats. Blooms are produced with great freedom on fast-growing, 12 ft. tall vines. Heavenly Blue was an instant success when introduced in 1931, and remains the most popular morning glory to this day.

50 seeds - $1.99

Morning glory Grandpa Ott VN00049

GRANDPA OTT Morning Glory Seeds

Grandpa Ott morning glory is a gorgeous heirloom morning glory once on the edge of extinction. Plants display large rich velvety royal purple trumpet-shaped flowers. Each bloom is embedded with a bright rose star, and pink throats make the flowers glow. Vigorous growing vines to 12 ft. tall.

30 seeds - $2.49

Morning Glory Sunspots vine New MRG0001

SUN­SPOTS Morning Glory Seeds Ipomoea luteola

Sunspots has smaller leaves and flowers and is shorter growing than most morning glories. Hummingbirds adore the prolific citrusy-orange 1 in. flowers which cover the heart-shaped leaves from spring through fall. Vines grow to 5 ft. tall.

50 seeds - $2.99

Morning Glory Crimson Rambler VN00037

CRIMSON RAMBLER Morning Glory Seeds

Crimson Rambler morning glory flowers are cherry colored with white throats. Hummingbirds find them irresistible. Plant Crimson Rambler where you will have a great view of your happy hummingbirds. Vigorous growing vines to 12 ft. tall.

100 seeds - $2.49

Morning glory Hazelwood Blues VN00020

HAZEL­WOOD BLUES Morning Glory Seeds

Flowers range from the palest sky blue to the deepest midnight violet. This glorious mixture brings on the blues, in a very good way. Each beautiful trumpet found in Hazelwood Blues is marked with a highly ornamental star. Throats of flowers glow pink or pure white. Robust, fast-growing vines quickly climb to 5-7 ft. tall.

40 seeds - $2.49

VENICE SERIES Morning Glory Seeds Ipomoea purpurea

Each trumpet-shaped morning glory sports a unique, variable pattern of bicolor splashes and stripes. Vigorous 6 to 8 ft. tall vines create an explosion of festive color. Plants bloom mid-summer into fall. For a truly carnival-worthy display, plant Venice Blue and Venice Pink morning glories together.

Morning Glory Venice Pink VN00022

VENICE PINK Morning Glory Seeds

White flowers striped raspberry pink, with white throats. Vigorous vines grow 6-8 ft. tall. A Fleuroselect Approved Novelty.

40 seeds - $2.49

Morning glory Venice Blue VN00017

VENICE BLUE Morning Glory Seeds

White trumpet-shaped flowers striped violet blue with rosy throats. Vines grow to 6-8 ft. tall. A Fleuroselect Approved Novelty.

40 seeds - $2.49

Morning glory La Vie en Rose VN00021

LA VIE EN ROSE Morning Glory Seeds

This delightful morning glory mix includes just about every shade of rose, from the softest baby pink to deep rosy crimson. Each unique trumpet is marked with a dark star and bright white throats cause flowers to glow. Fast-growing vines to 5-7 ft. tall.

40 seeds - $2.49

Morning glory Shadow Dance VN00024

SHADOW DANCE Morning Glory Seeds

A duo of bewitching trumpet-shaped flowers in darkest midnight blue with glowing purple centers, and pure moonlight white. Vigorous 5-7 ft. tall vines.

40 seeds - $2.49

Morning glory Imperial Formula Mix VN00066


The unique flowers found in Imperial Formula Mix morning glories reach a whopping 6 in. or more across. Blooms in shades of pink, rose, and violet are marked with contrasting stars. Handsome ivy-like leaves are solid green, or green marbled in cream. Vigorous vines grow to 12 ft. tall.

100 seeds - $2.49

Morning Glory Blue Star VN00036

BLUE STAR Morning Glory Seeds

The light blue trumpet-shaped flowers of Blue Star morning glory are marked with a darker blue star. Extra large blooms reach 5 in. across. Vigorous growing vines to 15 ft. tall.

50 seeds - $2.49

Time-lapse video of morning glory flowers opening and closing and vines twining.

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How to Plant Morning Glory Seeds

Bee introduces how to plant

Sow Morning Glory: Nick the pointed end of the morning glory seed with a nail clipper or knife. After nicking, seeds can optionally be soaked in water up to 12 hours. Then, sow in 2 in. pots or cell packs, cover with ¼ in. of soil. Kept at 70°F., seeds germinate in 7-21 days. Morning glory seed can be direct sown after all danger of frost, 6-8 seeds per foot. Thin seedlings to 12 in. apart.

Grow Morning Glory: Grow in full sun. Morning glory vines need good drainage, tolerate drought and poor soil. Blooming is heavier and growth is faster with regular water. Avoid overwatering and nitrogen-rich soils which produce more leaves and few flowers. Rarely bothered by pests or disease. Flowers from midsummer until frost. Hummingbirds love trumpet-shaped morning glory flowers.