A Visit to the Chicago Botanic Garden

While on vacation last week, I had the pleasure to visit the Chicago Botanic Garden. Coming from California where the summers are long, hot and dry, I especially loved seeing the plants that thrive with regular summer rainfall. Vast plantings of hosta, impatiens, begonias, and ferns, to name a few.


A mass planting of hybrid hostas in bloom under white birch trees.

begonia impatiens planting

Gryphon begonias planted with Divine New Guinea impatiens.

I found the extensive vegetable garden and fruit orchard inspiring and full of great design ideas, like a vertical planting of culinary herbs.

herb wall

Many sculptures dot the gardens and pathways, including my favorite one of Carolus Linneaus. He was the 18th century Swedish physician who created binomial nomenclature: the two-part (genus and species) structure of Latin names of plants and animals.


I highly recommend visiting the Chicago Botanic Garden if you find yourself in the area. Due to flooding from a recent storm, some of the gardens were inaccessible, so a future trip is definitely on my list.