Welcome to the Swallowtail Garden Seeds blog!

gaura seedlings

Swallowtail Garden Seeds is excited to announce that we have a new feature on our website - a blog! We plan to update this page regularly and as often as time allows. You will likely see contributions from many of us here on the SGS team, including Emily, Mary, Ben, and maybe even Don. This will be a place where we can talk about topics that interest us, what's new in our gardens, and also a place where readers will be welcome to interact with us and our posts, so feel free to chime in if you have something to say!

We hope you'll come along with us for this new adventure in writing and photography about plants, gardens, seeds, and associated topics. We may, from time to time, ask for your feedback or to share what has worked best for you in a given situation. We look forward to sharing a bit more about who we are and what it is about gardening, plants, and flowers that we find so compelling. You can expect interesting tidbits, thoughtful musings, and perhaps even useful information. Watch this space for updates!