Gaura Seedlings: The Beginning

Mary started these seedlings of Gaura The Bride in wet paper towels on the top of a refrigerator in our office on April 6 as a germ test, and they'd already sprouted enough to transplant into cell packs on April 14, just eight days later. We kept the seedlings in a sunny, southwest-facing window where they have been very happy. Here are a few progress photos:

Gaura seedlings

Gaura seedlings on May 1

Gaura seedlings

Gaura seedlings on May 24

Today, the gaura seedlings look like this:

Gaura seedlings ready to transplant

Over the next week, two of our employees will be planting this sun-loving perennial in their gardens here in Sonoma County, and we plan to update with progress photos as the plants grow and bloom!

Gaura is an easy-to-grow perennial that blooms freely on long, thin branching spikes. These plants are drought-tolerant and deer resistant, perfect for gardens in areas where watering restrictions are a fact of life. Gaura attracts butterflies and hummingbirds,and blooms throughout the season. Some varieties will even bloom the first year! Gauras do not need much maintenance and are winter hardy to zone 5. What blooming perennials do you like to plant in your yard?